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By Deniece Greene

Copyright 2012 Deniece Greene

Chapter  I

What is that god-awful noise?

Royce thought as he struggled to open his eyes through the sledge hammer pounding on his skull.  It seemed to be keeping time to the beat of music blaring from very large speakers in very close proximity.

“Oh my God, Jonah, you are giving me a headache,” Natie said rubbing her temples.  “I want to relax and work on my tan, not listen to you pound on that stupid crate.  I don’t know why Becki had to bring that thing on board anyway.  It’s probably full of junk no-one else wanted, a stupid time-capsule or something.

“Well we won’t know if we don’t get it open, will we?” Jonah asked snidely, as he continued to pound and pry using the limited resources he had available on the boat.

“Seriously, leave the stupid thing alone Jonah, Uncle Kurt has the tools to open it at his house, and you are giving me a headache!  Give it a rest!”

“My breathing gives you a headache,” Jonah complained, as he threw the hammer and screw driver he had been using into a small tool box.

Becki ignored the exchange between Natie and Jonah; concentrating instead on rinsing the saltwater from her mask and regulator.  She would take the equipment home and dump it in the bathtub to clean it thoroughly, but this would work for now.  Saltwater deposits could build up and destroy scuba gear if it wasn’t properly cared for.

Becki had hoped to find a few sharks’ teeth while she and Jonah were diving, but they had not had any luck today.  She had found a crate though, the one Natie and Jonah were arguing over; of course, they had been arguing over one thing or another for the last four years, so why should today be any different?

As Becki shook her head and continued to clean her equipment, Natie continued to argue with Jonah, and Royce struggled to piece together the events of the past few days.  Where the hell was he?  He tried shifting into a more comfortable position, but seemed to be tightly wedged into a very small space.

Royce St. John led a Special Operations Force, for the Secret Council of Elders.  “The Council” consisted of both mortal and immortal members, and Chief Elder Arimus ruled with a strong hand.  Their primary function was to make sure humans continued to believe Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, and other “mythical” creatures were just that, a myth.

Royce’s team had been called in to locate and return a set of coins that had been stolen centuries ago.  The coins were quite special and potentially deadly; if this particular set of coins ended up in the wrong hands, the consequences could be devastating to the entire world.

As his brain struggled to analyze exactly where he might be, he heard something that made his blood run cold.

“Jonah, don’t worry about the crate right now.  I’ll get Uncle Kurt to work on it,” Becki offered, hoping to avoid the inevitable shouting match between Natie and Jonah.

“Fine,” Jonah agreed, “I’ll just shove it off to the side, and you can deal with it later.  Hand me a beer, would you?”

Suddenly, Royce felt himself moving.  What the hell?

“Shit Becki,” Jonah complained as he shoved the crate out of the center of the walkway, “this crate seems heavier than it did when we pulled it out of water.  Kurt may have to come and pick the bitch up.”

This could not be right, his brain could not be functioning properly; there was no way hell he could be…trapped in a crate?

“Jonah, do you have to cuss all the time?  You know I don’t like to hear it.  You could say the same thing without using those words,” Natie said, her eyes never leaving the article she was currently reading.

“I don’t like to hear you complaining all the time, but that doesn’t stop you,” Jonah responded.

Becki groaned inwardly the constant bickering between Natie and Jonah were about to get on her very last nerve. If she had to watch him flirt with one more waitress, counter worker, or tourist, things were going to get ugly.  He was definitely not the kind of person she would have picked for Natie, but she would tolerate him because she loved her sister.




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