My Gift to You

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Centuries ago we were given the most wonderful FREE GIFT.  The gift of salvation came to us a in an unusual way – a small baby born in a stable, wrapped in rags, and placed in a manger.  As you enjoy the next few days, remember the real reason we celebrate Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!

Deniece Greene



It’s Christmas Time Again

Merry Christmas!!!   I’m happy to announce…The World Did NOT End!!

I can’t believe another year has gone by so quickly.  I did publish Treasure Tides – Book One of The Coins – in November at  It was quite a mile-stone for me!  I just had to “hack” my way through it all, and I have to say – it went so much more smoothly than anticipated.  The whole “meatgrinder” idea filled me with dread.

Never one to be satisfied, I then began to research POD – or Print On Demand options.  The first I tackled was Createspace – and after tweaking their template to hold the correct gutter (which took about 12 upload rejections), I converted the file from Word 2010 to Word 2007 and uploaded again.  That one worked!

Then…  I waited for a proof to be mailed to me (my Mother wants to read it, but is not inclined to use the IPAD – so I needed a paper copy).  I am thankful for Mom’s stubbornness, because after I received the printed copy and reviewed it… I had to go in and correct some previously undetected errors on the e-book!!  Those darn commas and quotation marks!

The other thing I didn’t like in the paperback version was the fact that the margins seem to be too close to the edge of the paper around the outside…so I will fix that prior to re-uploading.

Today I finished the RE-edit, uploaded my revisions to Smashwords, and will finish up the Createspace version this evening.

In celebration of the World not ending… AND my hopefully final revision… I am distributing a coupon that can be used at Smashwords – CLICK HERE

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Merry Christmas Everyone – May God bless you and give you a happy and prosperous New Year!!

Deniece Greene  –