I’m In LOVE…with another man.

Shhhh, don’t tell my husband!

Editing is a much slower process than I had initially anticipated.  I’ve just finished putting the final touches on chapter four of thirteen chapters.  As each chapter is completed, it is reviewed by not one – but two editors (who are professionally trained and qualified).  Thank you ladies!!

With this being said, it is beginning to appear that mid-November represents a more realistic release date.  However, I promised you all something in September, so I will upload Chapter 1 within the next few days.  Watch my blog or my Facebook Fan Page for details.

OK!  Now that we have that out-of-the-way, on to the good stuff…the other man!

Many of the characters in my books are based in-part on someone I know; I might borrow their eye/hair color combination or crooked smile, perhaps a portion of their name.  Sometimes I base my characters on perceived attitudes of people  I do not even know.

The new love of my life shares his last name, and ONLY his last name, with a truly wonderful gentleman, who I have known and loved for many years.  I imagine that he could have been a rebel (like Trev) in his younger years, if not for his loving heart, inherent goodness, and of course, the fact that his wife would not allow it!

I am pleased to introduce Trevor Simmons;

Trev embodies sex-appeal; his raven-black hair just begs a girl to run her fingers through it and his dark blue eyes sparkle with wicked promises.  Two hundred degrees hotter than hot, he leaves a long line of broken hearts in his wake.  He loves women, everything about them, and while he is careful not to promise more than he is capable of giving; he has that special ‘something’ that draws women to him like a moth to the flame.

Always on the move, Trevor doesn’t have friends, and his enemies are too numerous to mention.  His latest business partners feed at night, and have commissioned him to find a very special coin that is rumored to possess the power to-.  Wait… I can’t tell you that yet, let’s talk ‘transportation’.

When he is not driving his black Porsche 911 convertible at the speed of sound, his muscular frame is encased in form-fitting leathers and his perfect uh-, rear end is planted firmly on his Harley as they chew-up road.  Trevor is a talented warlock, and could invoke a stealth-cloak in his sleep; which is fortunate, otherwise he would spend a large quantity of his time in defensive driving classes.

His outrageous suggestions make me blush and when he turns that smoldering gaze on me; well, I melt just thinking about it.

Unfortunately, Trev is much too young for me, and fated for another.  Besides, I’m very happily married to the most wonderful man in the world!

Alas, Trev will one day meet his match; his path will collide with sassy rebel guaranteed to turn his world up-side-down.  Until then, he will wonder in and out of the pages of my heart.  Trevor’s book, Troublesome Treasure, is slated as book seven of The Coins, but I’m not sure I can wait that long!

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The Editing Process

Evidently when editing, it is not unusual for the word count to increase drastically.  Who knew?  Treasure Tides word-count is now 66,000 and growing.

I love writing, and find myself unable to sleep most nights because I am continually developing story-lines and characters for future books.

I will soon post more specific information regarding the ‘Secret Council of Elders’, details on how the coins fell into circulation, and why it is so important for ART (Artifact Recovery Team – SpecialOps) to recover them ASAP!

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