The Coins – what is the story?

Treasure Tides - The Coins (Book 1) by Deniece GreeneThe Secret Council of Elders have contacted Royce St. John and his Special Ops Team to recover a set of missing coins.  Arimus, the Chief Elder, explained to Royce that the coins were originally Merlin’s, who had ‘spelled’ each of them centuries ago.  Unfortunately, the coins had been stolen by Peirce Regan, a rogue warlock, who had then disappeared.  Peirce eventually double-crossed the wrong immortal, and met a gruesome end.  At some point, the coins had become separated, and fallen into circulation.

The coins should have been easy to locate and recover, because Merlin had feared they might someday end up in the wrong hands.  He had hidden a unique frequency in each coin as he created it.  The hidden frequency should have functioned similarly to a modern-day ‘homing beacon’.  However, Peirce had been a trusted friend to Merlin, and had known exactly what measures were required in order to avoid discovery.  After stealing the coins, Peirce had ‘cloaked’ them all by wrapping each coin separately in a spell crafted specifically to suppress the unique frequency Merlin had so carefully woven into each one.

Witches, working for the Council, had been trying to lift the ‘magic cloak’ for hundreds of years.  Unfortunately, the task had turned out to be very difficult, almost impossible.  Recently, however, the witches had been receiving intermittent, random signals from the coins.  The Council had decided it was time to turn the reins over to their Special Ops Team.

That was where the story ended, according to Arimus… That is where our story begins.

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