It’s Christmas Time Again

Merry Christmas!!!   I’m happy to announce…The World Did NOT End!!

I can’t believe another year has gone by so quickly.  I did publish Treasure Tides – Book One of The Coins – in November at  It was quite a mile-stone for me!  I just had to “hack” my way through it all, and I have to say – it went so much more smoothly than anticipated.  The whole “meatgrinder” idea filled me with dread.

Never one to be satisfied, I then began to research POD – or Print On Demand options.  The first I tackled was Createspace – and after tweaking their template to hold the correct gutter (which took about 12 upload rejections), I converted the file from Word 2010 to Word 2007 and uploaded again.  That one worked!

Then…  I waited for a proof to be mailed to me (my Mother wants to read it, but is not inclined to use the IPAD – so I needed a paper copy).  I am thankful for Mom’s stubbornness, because after I received the printed copy and reviewed it… I had to go in and correct some previously undetected errors on the e-book!!  Those darn commas and quotation marks!

The other thing I didn’t like in the paperback version was the fact that the margins seem to be too close to the edge of the paper around the outside…so I will fix that prior to re-uploading.

Today I finished the RE-edit, uploaded my revisions to Smashwords, and will finish up the Createspace version this evening.

In celebration of the World not ending… AND my hopefully final revision… I am distributing a coupon that can be used at Smashwords – CLICK HERE

Coupon Code: BW45B
Expires: January 2, 2013

Promotional price: $1.00

Merry Christmas Everyone – May God bless you and give you a happy and prosperous New Year!!

Deniece Greene  –