I’m Published!!

Treasure Tides – Book One of The Coins by Deniece Greene is now available for download through Smashwords.com

I must say my heart was racing, I felt somewhat queasy, and I paced the floor as my first book uploaded to Smashwords.  After a few moments…SUCCESS!!

Treasure Tides – Available for immediate download


The Editing Process

Evidently when editing, it is not unusual for the word count to increase drastically.  Who knew?  Treasure Tides word-count is now 66,000 and growing.

I love writing, and find myself unable to sleep most nights because I am continually developing story-lines and characters for future books.

I will soon post more specific information regarding the ‘Secret Council of Elders’, details on how the coins fell into circulation, and why it is so important for ART (Artifact Recovery Team – SpecialOps) to recover them ASAP!

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